Corporate Social Responsibility

AeroVironment was founded on a vision of applying aerospace technology to pressing environmental challenges. Fifty years later, our commitment to environmental stewardship is enshrined in our purpose statement: to secure lives and advance sustainability through transformative innovation.

In line with these founding principles, AeroVironment has become one of the largest electric unmanned aircraft systems (UAS) manufacturers, delivering a suite of zero-emission, energy efficient, battery-powered UAS as well as stratospheric, solar powered UAS for global connectivity. These innovative vehicles are designed to deliver valuable new capabilities to their users while reducing their footprint and environmental impact.

We are also committed to our corporate responsibility efforts, which include conducting business in an ethical, environmentally sensitive and proactive manner by conserving natural resources, minimizing waste through recycling, disposing of remaining waste through safe methods, and using renewable and clean energy sources when possible. We strive to ensure that all our stakeholders are aligned with our objective of advancing sustainability.

Valuing Our People

We acknowledge that our employees are the company’s most valuable asset and the driving force behind our success. For this reason, we aspire to be an employer that is known for cultivating a positive and welcoming work environment – one that fosters growth, provides a safe place to work, supports diversity and embraces inclusion. We believe that this kind of corporate culture results in employees who are happier, more creative, and more productive, supporting our ongoing innovation. We work to make our employees’ experience a priority, and we take tremendous pride in being certified as a Great Place to Work!

Diversity & Inclusion

Bring it…all of it, where individuality and uniqueness are celebrated and empowering!

At AeroVironment, creating a culture of diversity and inclusion is something we work on every day. We believe that a diverse workforce and an inclusive workplace is a major catalyst for driving innovation. When employees are free to be their true selves and share their unique perspectives, extraordinary things happen! A free-flow of ideas is generated, resulting in optimum solutions for our customers.

Our vision for Diversity & Inclusion is:

We embrace an inclusive culture that encourages, supports and celebrates the diverse voices of our workforce and empowers us to create more meaningful and innovative solutions for humankind.

Staying true to our word, we have implemented a Diversity and Inclusion Calendar of Events that celebrates all ethnicities and backgrounds, and we have structured a Talent Outreach Program that reaches out to a broad, diverse talent pool.

Serving Our Communities

As part of our Corporate Social Responsibility Program, AeroVironment makes a positive impact on our local communities through a variety of outreach events, including STEM (science, technology, education and math) projects, food drives, military and veterans’ support and recycling programs that benefit local schools. We are proud of our corporate stewardship as well as the participation from our employees. As part of our commitment, we offer in-house leadership training that is designed to build collaboration, trust, empowerment and leadership skills that result in meaningful contributions to teams, customers, the company and the community. Part of this training involves learning how to inspire others, increase commitment, and provide lasting skills that will build stronger community engagement and promote social responsibility participation.

Operating Responsibly

In achieving our technical and business successes, we always strive to uphold the highest standards of personal integrity and ethical business conduct, and we embrace our responsibility to act in the best interests of the environment and society as a whole. Our company policies seek to maintain a balance between pursuing economic performance and addressing social and environmental issues. We believe success is based on these principles, which create a better workforce and superior solutions for our customers.


AeroVironment is committed to conducting business in an environmentally sensitive manner with a strong awareness of how we impact the world around us. Our commitment to sustainability is demonstrated by the inherently efficient nature of the solutions we provide and in our corporate social responsibility efforts, which are based on the International Standards Organization (ISO) 14001 standards. Examples of our commitment to sustainability include our flexible work schedule, which reduces our carbon footprint by eliminating one day of vehicular traffic every two weeks, and the banks of electric vehicle chargers on site that encourage clean, electric vehicle use.

Our sustainability goals are listed below. We will track our achievement against these goals to ensure our company and the efforts of our employees remain aligned with our sustainability objectives, and we encourage our shareholders, suppliers and business partners to take similar actions that align with their operations.

“We Aim to Conserve natural resources and minimize waste through source reduction and recycling.”

  • Handle and dispose of waste through safe, environmentally responsible methods.
  • Encourage energy efficiency and the use of renewable energy sources.
  • Encourage our business partners and suppliers to strive for the same high levels of environmental performance.

Policies & Approaches

The following list represents some of our current policies and approaches on topics of relevance and interest to our stakeholders.