Loitering Munition Systems (LMS)

Unique Agility to Strike with Singular Precision

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The AV family of loitering munitions close the gap between observation and action, shaving crucial seconds from critical decisions and reducing collateral damage with greater accuracy, maneuverability, and stealth capabilities.

Our family of loitering munition systems (LMS) delivers the actionable intelligence and precision firepower modern warfighters need to achieve mission success across multiple domains.

These marvels of modern engineering are proving incredibly effective in areas of conflict across the globe, including Ukraine, thanks to their speed of deployment, rare maneuverability, high performance optics, and scalable munitions payloads.


Low profile, lightweight, and highly maneuverable, AV loitering munitions are remarkably easy to use. Warfighters can launch, fly, track, and engage beyond-line-of-sight targets across land, maritime, and air-launched environments—all while remaining at the battlefield’s edge.


The AV loitering munition and reconnaissance systems offer unprecedented levels of command and control, including Blackwing’s Rapid Response ISR and cross-domain relay, Switchblade’s gimbaled sensor suite of high-precision optics, and touchscreen tablet operation and fire control.


The low acoustic, visual, and thermal signature of AV loitering munitions make them difficult to detect, recognize, and track—even at close range. Cutting-edge targeting optics, fire and ground control systems, and versatile launch capabilities make them highly effective in today’s asymmetric battlespace.

When Precision Counts AV's Family of Loitering Munition Systems

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